I am a film director. I worked on a couple of projects, including some visual effets, involving a 3D / Compositing pipeline ( as Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects).



Paint my Heart

My thesis short film. I had to shoot and direct a very short story with a limited amount of shots and characters

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A samurai draws Kanji with a Katana

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Smoke and Cigarettes - 35mm Short film

This short film has been shot while the workshop lead by Pascal Martin, lecturer and academic researcher on applicated optical technologies

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Short Film - Wâtanê Zôlem - ENS Louis Lumière - 16mm

Somewhere in Afghanistan. A poor family provides shelter for a young wounded american soldier, during a night bombing.

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Asad Badie Music Video - Bidar Esqhôm

Music Video of the famous afghan Singer Asad Badie

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Audience Award

La Menace Verte - Prix du Jury

Deux hommes racontent leur mécontement face aux changements environnementaux

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